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forced to love and be loved.: and party and bullshit.


“Of course not!” Rayanna grabbed the vodka, and made her way towards the door. Probably my last party ever. Rayanna took the vodka and took two big gulps to banish her thoughts. The girls went in the elevator, and pressed the button for the roof-top. She looked at these girls in the elevator. Soon, what would become of them. Who would be the first one to turn on her each other. She took a few more gulps, and her thoughts were silenced.

Alleigh glanced back at Rayanna, who was looking a bit tipsy, and turned to evaluate Tally’s status. A bit shocked to see that she was the only one sober, she cracked open a beer can and took a large swig before pulling away so the foam of the can wouldn’t spill on her. Already feeling the intoxicating effects of the alcohol, Alleigh giggled as she blinked her eyes, trying to focus on the doors that were reopening to show the rooftop.

Delighted to see that it was alight with streamers and strung light bulbs, Alleigh unsteadily walked in with the girls, sipping her beer as she took in the sights. Feeling the sudden ache of being homesick and stranded in a foreign land, she struggled towards the edge of the railing, and inhaled deeply so she could get rid of the muddled, conflicting feelings she had harbored in her mind over the past few days. Spinning on her heels so she faced the girls, she laughed, and changed the course of her thoughts,

"So. Let’s cut to the chase! Tell me who you guys like," She commanded with a pointed finger.

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